Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Panty Poem

I found this adorable gift idea on Pinterest and you can go to the original site here. I thought this would make a great lingerie shower gift. Personally, I still have some of my lingerie with the TAGS on them. And I've been married for almost five years!!! I get more wear out of sexy undies than anything else because you can have them on during a date and be instantly ready for dessert ;) I bought all the panties from Victoria's Secret and tried to find pairs that fit with the poem but that also were fun, different, and (most of all) sexy!!!

I typed up each line of the poem and made my own gift tags to tie on the panties:

To last all the way to old age - starting with your wedding day
Here are panties for every season - A sexy underwear display!
(I picked a pair in one of her wedding colors)
We have a pair for March 31st (frilly, lacy and white)
Raise a toast to the Sexy Bride on your wedding night!
Racy red ones for the Honeymoon - a sexy thong with lace
We hope you leave the hotel room and see the rest of the place!
Slip these on for your first big fight as a married couple
When Jordan sees you in this set, he'll forgive you on the double!
White ones for the 1st Anniversary - you'll be feeling naughty
Jordan won't believe his luck for marrying such a hottie!
When the time is right for you and Jordan 
(and don't be saying maybe)
You'll wear a little pink or blue in honor of your baby!
As the years go by your marriage might hit the 7 year blues.
Just remember this feisty animal print and your love life will never snooze!
After 10 years of married life, you'll still be going strong
But if you need a little boost, just put this number on.
When your years of wedded bliss ring in the big 2-5,
Slip on this spicy number and keep the sparkle alive
(these were my favorite panties...they have little bells on them!)
Finally when you're old and grey, with these you can't go wrong
Sorry Jordan, but at this age, she won't be rockin' a thong!
(for this pair you buy a pair of "grannie panties")
I put all the panties in a large hat box (found at Hobby Lobby). She can use the box to store all of her lingerie or other sexy surprises!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birthday Banner

I am not very good at crafts but I refuse to pay a bunch of money on Etsy for someone to make something that I can totally make myself. I've figured out a simple way to make a cute birthday banner and I use this same technique for all the banners I make (great for parties, showers, etc!). It's SO easy and they always get lots and lots of compliments! Here's how I do it!

Supplies: I'm a big fan of over-buying. I buy WAY more than I need for a project so that way I don't stress if I mess up and then I just return all the left over stuff I don't use.
  • 12x12 sized patterned paper (I buy one piece per letter that I plan to do)
  • 8 1/2 x 11 sized plain paper (Again, I buy one piece per letter)
  • Photo stickers
  • Chipboard letters (I get ALL my supplies at Hobby Lobby, these are kinda pricey but often go on sale and you can get 40% off coupons all the time online. The packages come with two of each vowel but one of every other letter so, for me, I have to buy THREE packages in order to spell out "Happy Birthday Kye" because all those dang y's!)
  • Paper cutter. I have one from my scrapbooking days. Make sure it has a good ruler on it too, makes life easier!
  • Hole punch
  • String or ribbons or twine
  • Hole protectors (optional)
  1. Cut the patterned 12x12 paper into 6x6 squares (so yes, you can get two squares out of each sheet)
  2. Cut the solid 8 1/2 x 11 paper into 4x4 squares (so you should be able to get four squares out of each sheet)
  3. Cut the pieces of photo stickers to fit on the chipboard letters and place in center of each solid square
  4. Place photo stickers on back of solid square and stick on center of patterned square.
  5. Punch holes in the top corners or along the center edges (but not too close to the edge or they will rip) of each patterned square. When I made this one I had an after thought that it'd be SUPER smart to use hole protectors on the backs (those little stickers with holes in them) of the patterned squares to protect the holes from ripping. I'll probably do that next time!
  6. Thread the string or ribbon through the holes, leaving extra space to be able to separate the letters. I have also made these where I tie a ribbon from one to the next instead of having them all on one long string. It just depends on the look you're trying to achieve. For this one I wanted a western type look so I used some string I had a roughed it up a little bit. I also put it through the top of the patterned squares so you could see it and it added to the look.
Finished product (you can click to make pictures larger)