Monday, March 1, 2010

Green "Jungle" Punch

I found this recipe on Cooks and I didn't even test it before I used it for the party! After the party started and people kept telling me how good it was I tried some and yup, it's a winner for sure! And it fits my requirements of being easy and cheap :) It was actually the ONLY thing we "ran out of" during the party and we had to make another batch!
You need:
2 liters ginger ale (when I went to Publix all they had was Diet but it worked and no one noticed!)
1 large container of frozen lemonade
1 large can of pineapple juice chilled (I kept it in my fridge until the day of the party)
1 qt lime sherbet

Obviously I doubled this recipe and I was thankful I did as it ALL got gobbled up! I didn't make the punch until about 10 minutes prior to the party and all I did was dump all the ingredients in the punch bowl and stir it up! Enjoy :)


Seniorenbetreuung said...

Sounds easy to make and delish! I love the colour!

Tabitha said...

How many gallons does this make?