Monday, June 6, 2011

Stepping Stone

I feel VERY bad that I can't give credit to the blog where I got this idea from...I simply can't remember whose I saw it on, but I loved the idea and totally copied it!

Supplies I bought:
  • box of stepping stone concrete mix from Hobby Lobby - $8.99 (it had enough to make two stones as I plan to make one for myself too!)
  • small round concrete mold (also from Hobby Lobby) - $2.99 (can reuse when making another one as well)
  • decorative stones (from the Dollar Store) - $1.00

How To:
  • I really just followed the instructions on the box.
  • Zach mixed the concrete with water then poured it into the mold
  • I let it set for awhile b/c you don't want to put your kids feet (or hands) in it while it's too moist or it won't set
  • We put Kye's feet straight down in it (pressing them down pretty deep) then straight back up and it turned out pretty good!
  • I waited a little longer then put all the stones around (making sure to press them down enough to really stay)
  • And I waited even longer to carve Kye's name and the year in the stone. I continued to check it throughout the day and carve the letters over and over to make sure they were really deep. 
  • It took about a day to fully dry and popped right out of the mold no problem! 
  • The mix must be a special type of concrete because the bottom of the stone is very smooth.
This made a WONDERFUL Mother's Day gift! Inexpensive, easy, and something she'll always cherish. I'm excited to have one for myself!

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