Monday, December 5, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Favors

I found the instructions for these cute favors on Pinterest (from this site). I'm using them as a way to pretty much butter up the hospital staff when I go into labor, but they'd be great party favors too! I contacted my FAVORITE Etsy seller, Chickabug, and she came up with the little labels for me. I'm not very good with wording and she ROCKS. Plus, aren't they super cute?!?!

Here's how to make these favors yourself!

What You Need:

toilet paper rolls (I ended up making 32 total...Zach jokes that I'm giving them out to the entire hospital but I just wanted to have PLENTY!)
12x12 scrapbook paper (you can cover 4 rolls per sheet)
Mod Podge
Paint brush for Mod Podge
Labels (I ordered the PDF from Chickabug then cut them out using a 2" circle cutter)
Treats (I used M&Ms)

What To Do:
  1. Cut out all labels
  2. Fold paper in 4ths then cut out the squares. I then put one roll on one of the squares and cut it narrow enough to fit the roll. I used that piece of paper as a guide to cut all the other papers.
  3. Cover roll in Mod Podge
  4. Roll paper around toilet paper roll. I put extra Mod Podge over the seal to keep the paper on the roll
  5. Fold down ends on one end of roll then pour in candy and fold down the opened end
  6. Wrap ribbon around roll and cut. Then I wrapped it where the ribbon came together in the front of the roll so the seal of the roll was covered by ribbon in the back. I put Mod Podge where the ribbon came together in the front and held it in place for a few seconds.
  7. Put more Mod Podge on top of spot where ribbon came together as well as on the back of the label. Then put label on top of ribbon and hold.
  8. The instructions on the blog I found said to cover the label in Mod Podge as well...and I tried that but it smeared my labels so I just held it down for awhile and it worked fine!
It was VERY inexpensive and VERY easy. Although, it was time consuming. I didn't mind it taking the time since I am doing nothing but waiting on a baby anyway ;) But for a party favor it may be a little bit tedious! I think they turned out cute though and can't wait to be handing them out at the hospital!


Megan said...

You are so cute, crafty AND thoughtful!!

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