Sunday, January 12, 2014

Turkey Cookies!

For the past couple of years we have been making Turkey Cookies for Thanksgiving! It's a WONDERFUL thing to do with a preschooler (this year Kye is four and could do them pretty much all by himself) and they look cute to display on Thanksgiving! I could NOT find my recipe for these this year and thankfully Kye remembered all of the steps for me!!! 

  • Whoppers (You only need one box, I bought two but didn't use one of them)
  • One package of Double Stuffed Oreos (MUST be double stuffed!)
  • Chocolate icing (I got the squeeze tube to make it easier)
  • One bag of mini Reese's peanut butter cups
  • One bag of candy corn
  • One package of writing icing (you only need the yellow but make sure NOT to get the kind that isn't dark enough to show was tricky for me to find! You also may want to use another color for the eyes)
  • I have a container of blue small sprinkles I use for the eyes, but you could easily use something else or just use the writing icing

 Directions: (They sound WAY trickier than they are! Scrolling to the bottom of this post and seeing the finished cookies may make it easier to follow along with the instructions!)

1. Put a line of the chocolate icing along one edge of the cookie. Then place 5 candy corns into the icing. 

2. Put a dab of the chocolate icing (as you can tell the icing is your "glue" for this project!) on another cookie and place the candy corn one on top of the new one. This picture shows it well...see the ones on the left side? That's how yours should look at this point!
3. Open enough Reese's to have one per cookie (ours made 19 cookies which yours should too assuming you buy the brand name Oreos!). Cut a little sliver off one end of the Reese's cup. Of course, you totally have to eat the sliver as a taste test!
 Taste Test!
 4. Now turn the cookies so the candy corns are facing you (see the cookies on the right side of this picture!) Put a dab of the chocolate icing on the candy corn cookie, near the bottom where the two cookies connect. Next put the "top" side of the Reese's onto the icing (the cut side should be against the other cookie)! Have it so the "side" of the Reese's is facing you!
5. Keeping the cookie in the same position, put a dab of the chocolate icing on the candy corn cookie, directly above the Reese's and place a Whopper on the icing. This is the head of the turkey! 

6. Now turn the cookie where the candy corn is facing the ceiling. Cut the white portion of enough candy corns to have one per cookie and attach it to the front of the Whopper with a little of the icing (I used some yellow gel type icing I had bought on accident just to get it used and because it dried clear so it was less noticeable). Add some eyes with icing or sprinkles, whatever you chose to do!

7. Finally draw on some legs for the turkey using the yellow icing (since I couldn't find the correct yellow icing last year ours didn't have legs and were still cute!). 

 I let Kye do pretty much 100% of this project. I only did the cutting, the chocolate icing, and the legs! 
I was able to find the original recipe I used! I could NOT find it when we made them but I'm glad I can now b/c I like to give credit where it is due! Here is the original recipe (and of course hers turned out 10 times cuter haha) from Our Best Bites!

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