Saturday, February 13, 2010

FREE Gap Money Cards

Gap Visa
I have a few store credit cards and most of them promise BIG things. Great deals, lots of rewards, amazing coupons and offers. Well, all of them disappoint. EXCEPT one and that's the Gap card! I assume the sister stores (Old Navy and Banana Repubic) have the same or similar rewards set ups but I have been SO grateful for my Gap credit card!

First, you get some BIG discounts when you initially sign up for the card. (they vary on when you sign up)

Every Tuesday you get 10% off ANY Gap, Old Navy, or Banana Republic purchase. In store or online.
You also get a TON of GREAT coupons and special offers. I NEVER shop at these stores WITHOUT some kind of great coupon! And I honestly haven't EVER used the Tues 10% off deal because I ALWAYS can find something better than 10% off.

You also earn rewards VERY quickly. I get little money cards all the time, just for using my card on purchases I'd make anyway! I'm not sure how they reward you, but who cares if I'm earning them left and right?!?

Once you spend $800 on Gap, Old Navy, or Banana Republic purchases in a calendar year you get upgraded to Silver Status which gives you lifetime free shipping online (I haven't reached this step yet)

ALL the time they send out these little cards saying that if you use your Gap card for 4 purchases OTHER than their retail stores in a given month that you'll earn a $20 Money Card. Um, that's FREE money! When I get these notices I use my Gap Card for 4 purchases during the time frame of the offer but on 4 things I'd normally buy anyway. I ALWAYS pay any cards off at the end of the month so I don't get SLAMMED with the interest but it's an EASY way to earn FREE MONEY!!!

The money cards DO expire and sometimes they expire pretty quickly so make sure to read them on the back when you get them and use them prior to the experation date! I've had it happen once or twice where I went to use one and couldn't :(

In the short time I've owned this card (since May of 2008) I've earned more than $250 worth of FREE money cards. I earned most of them through the 4-purchases-outside-of-Gap deal (they have that deal ALL the time) and it's been wonderful!

The money cards CAN be combined AND can be used ONLINE OR at GAP OUTLET! AND I've had them also let me use coupons WITH them (I ALWAYS do the online customer survey for a 15% off coupon!) Who doesn't LOVE Gap stuff??? You can use them in any department but duh, I use them for ME ME ME!
This past week I had $80 worth of them and by shopping smart at Gap outlet (only buying things on clearance or on discount) I was able to get: 2 pairs of pants, a tank top, a short sleeve shirt, a cute pair of shoes, and 2 sweaters!!!

Anyone else have this card??? Or another store credit card that has awesome perks? Please share!!!

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