Monday, February 22, 2010

Upromise Savings

I'm sure everyone has heard of Upromise before and how they offer savings for college for your every day purchases. I started a UPromise account in high school and didn't really do much with it. I registered all my credit cards on their site (and my dad's too haha) and kinda forgot about it. Then Zach and I moved into our new home in 2008 and were trying to come up with ANY extra money we could to be able to buy furniture and I remembered my UPromise account. I checked it out and had about $250 in it! I know, that's not a TON of money but it was FREE MONEY that I earned by just using my registered credit cards! I cashed it in and they sent me a check for the full amount in my account!

They advertise UPromise as a college savings and it can be, but it can also just be a general savings account and you can cash in the money at any time. We recently started shopping at Publix so I got a UPromise card from them (you can ask at the check out line) and registered it on my account. Now every time we shop and scan the card we rack up some money in our UPromise savings! I'm hoping we can use it for Kye in the future but it's nice to have just in case something comes up where we need it. Sure it's not much (like we save $0.26 or something when we shop) but every little bit helps and over the years it'll add up to be a decent bit of money. Since I gutted the account in 2008 I've already earned back $87!

I also downloaded a reminder tool from their site that alerts me anytime I'm shopping on a website that would allow me to earn UPromise savings. I click "get my savings" and BAM! I automatically earn a little money from each purchase I make. MOST sites I shop from participate and some, like Vistaprint, actually give me BIGGER discounts by being a UPromise member! I know I could take advantage of a lot more savings offered on the site and I need to take the time to look through everything.

I highly recommend creating your free UPromise account today! Even if you don't need a college savings fund, why not earn a little extra dough on purchases you're already making?


Danielle said...

I have also linked my shopper savings cards for Kroger, Food Lion (the stores we used in VA) to Clayton's Upromise account and like you forgot and when I checked surprise $5!

bri (kim's friend) said...

there is also a site called you log in and then if you are going to do online shopping you search to see if they are on the site and they will give you a % cash back. i've already made $72 bucks and i don't order too much online. here is the link.

you get $5 bucks for every person you get to sign up and also get $5 bucks when you sign up. vistaprint is actually on there and you get 5% cash back from them. they send you the money i think 3 or 4 times a year either by check or to paypal. good luck with it!