Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pampered Chef Bread Tube

An old friend had one of these and would make this bread spread ALL the time and now it's one of our family favorites too!

First, you need the bread tube itself. These are AWESOME. My friend had the flowered one so I first bought that one but for Valentine's Day I invested in the heart shaped one too. AND I've just ordered the star shaped one and hope it comes in time to use for Kye's 1st Birthday Party!

You can find the tubes on Ebay for VERY low prices (I only paid $3 for the star one). You can click on the link to automatically see results for the search!
For the bread spread I make all you need is:
Pillsbury Italian or French bread loaf (in the dough tube like crescent rolls)
Ranch Packets
Whipped Cream Cheese

I use one packet for a little less than 8 oz of cream cheese but you can just slowly mix the two together and get the consistency you like. My friend who made them first put little cucumbers on top but I don't know anyone who really likes those so I just don't include them. When finished it makes an adorable and YUMMY treat!
I'm so excited to use my heart one for Valentine's Day next year. The tubes come with instructions on how to make the bread and the heart one I got had some other ideas in it too. Next year I plan to make the bread and use it for little sandwiches for lunch then the bread spread at dinner. I also plan to make rice krispie treats inside of it AND ice cream! All you do for the ice cream is fill it with ice cream then stick it in the freezer for awhile and you'll have heart shaped ice cream! How fun is that?!?

Everyone that's ever seen me make this bread has complimented on how cute it is and how amazing it tastes. So many people have mentioned buying one and I totally recommend it! I'd love to hear your thoughts on them or any neat ideas you may have to use them for!!! 


Danielle said...

I'm sold! I just bought all three, in a set, on Ebay and got a great deal! Thanks for the ideas!

Emily said...

I thought of you when I posted this! I LOVE them and I know you will too :)

Melissa Gouge said...

How cute!! This is perfect for the wedding showers I am hosting!!!