Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day Box

I love holidays! And I love making them festive and fun for my family! Even if I have a baby who won't remember any of it, I still get into it!

Growing up I remember my mom making a Valentine's Day box. She'd pull it out every year when Valentine's Day was getting close and we'd make things for each other and put them in the box along with any little gifts or cards or candy and such. Then on Valentine's Day we'd open it!

Simple idea, I know. But it's such a great one because you SEE this box sitting out and it makes you more excited to open it on the BIG day AND it makes you want to buy or make little things to put in it!

This year I made our family's first Valentine's Day box!
I went to Office Depot and asked them for an extra copy paper box then went to Hallmark and bought some cute festive paper. It was a pretty big pain to wrap the whole thing so it looked good but I think it did a pretty good job! I also put paper on the inside so you wouldn't see an empty box before we put stuff in it. As Kye gets older I plan to let him decorate it with stickers and such but for now this will do! And Zach cut the hole in the top for me too!

For Valentine's Day we buy each other cheap little things and this is a great way to encourage giving but also to find creative ways to keep the gifts small enough to fit in the box!

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Danielle said...

That is such a cute idea!