Saturday, September 21, 2013

Frozen Bananas

My kids enjoy eating bananas each morning for breakfast. Since I only grocery shop once a month I've had to get creative to make them last! Both of my kids love the frozen bananas so much that they prefer them over the fresh ones!

  • I buy roughly 20 bananas at the start of each month
  • I wait until they are starting to turn this:

  • Then I PEEL each banana and break it in half
  • Next I place each half in a Ziploc freezer gallon sized bag (and in this case I do think the brand name is worth it as it tends to cause less freezer burn than other freezer bag brands)
  • I am careful to lay each one flat in the bag

  •  After all of my bananas are in the bag I carefully lay the bag in the freezer making sure it stays laying flat so the bananas won't stick together after frozen!

  • Each morning I grab one half of banana for each child and let it thaw a little before cutting it into pieces for them! They are also EXCELLENT to add to smoothies!
  • I recommend if you're going to eat them to do so rather quickly as after a while, when they get fully thawed, they get very mushy!

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